Month: July 2014

Steven Davey (d. 2014.06.10)

Eldergay restaurant reviewer/musician/bicycle courier Steven Davey, who wrote for Toronto alternative newsweekly Now for almost two decades, “died suddenly” at age 64.

Since I have a lot of eldergays and youngergays foaming with rage when I call a suicide a suicide, let me explain a journalistic convention. “Died suddenly” means committed suicide (in all cases). “Died unexpectedly” means exactly that and has no ulterior meaning. Steven Davey “died suddenly,” hence committed suicide.


Carl Goodman (d. 2014.01.05)

An early activist in gay rights and one of the original members of ACT UP (to the point of being considered a cofounder), eldergay Carl Goodman committed suicide in Bristol, Connecticut, at age 58.

Spencer Cox (1968.03.10 to 2012.12.18)

AIDS activist Spencer Cox presumptively killed himself by going off the HIV medications his activism brought into existence. Cox was a victim of “the post-terminal phase of HIV.”

I do not think it is seriously disputed that his actions amounted to suicide.